Jan Petek – Glass Bead & Jewelry Artist

jan-with-aggie-2013-homeMaking glass beads and jewelry is my passion. After years of trying all sorts of crafts I found glass. The first time I sat down and melted glass it was magic. That was with Heather Trimlett over 15 years ago. I continue to find inspiration all around me. I am never out of ideas on what to work on, just time!

Sputnik-Bracelet-homeWhen you make beads you have a lot of beads. You can only make so much jewelry. That is when my glass bead and jewelry business was born. Selling beads and jewelry has allowed me to continue to take classes and buy more supplies. I have taken glass and metal classes with many teachers that I would like to thank for their patience, inspiration and willingness to share their knowledge: Heather Trimlett, Bronwen Heilman, Corina Tettinger, Connie Fox, Lynn Merchant, Diane Cook, Deb Jemmott, Melanie Mortel, and too many more to name.

I continue my artistic journey and am amazed at everything there is to learn and try. The community of artists has overwhelmed me at times but I wouldn’t trade it for all the beads in the world!

I am very fortunate to live and work in the wonderful climate of Southern California with two Golden Retrievers, (Aggie & Lilly) two cats (Lizzy & Lottie) and one husband (Steve-O). They add to my inspiration and challenges! 25 California Pepper Trees surround my studio. They are graceful and always green. In the spring, the trees get small blossoms that turn into red pepper berries later in the year. From my studio I can watch finches, doves, and hummingbirds fly around the trees while I make beads or create jewelry. It is so peaceful and tranquil! This is truly the best time of my life.